Mindful electrivity consumption - for a sustainable future.


Waste less!

Every day. Every minute. We spend insanely large amounts of power that is unintentionally wasted. Our mission is to change that. When your smartphone, tablet, headphones or other device has a low battery, electricity flows quickly through the cable. The more power your device receives, the slower the electricity moves, to eventually go out. You are reminded that the charging is complete - and that it is time to unplug the cable.

Why is it so important to unplug the cable?
Well, because it leads to a long list of positive consequences. Firstly, it is not healthy for the battery in your device to be charged unnecessarily. Secondly, appliances continue to draw power even when in standby mode.

Why has TIME Magazine named The PAC one of the world's top 50 innovations?
Because our technology works and creates sustainable change.

Our vision:
Mindful electricity consumption - for a sustainable future.


Our invention - The PAC - is not just limited to applications such as wires and cables. We are in full swing to apply our technology to more things that need to be charged or that are powered by electricity, such as household appliances. But in the long run, the next logical step will be the industry - with everything from mechanical equipment to appliances that do not have to be turned on around the clock.

We will continue to design smart products that increase global awareness and enable us to take action. We will continue to challenge old behaviors and habits, because we know how much difference we can make together.

Certificates & safety
The PAC's patented charging cables hold all certifications that ensure quality, environmental impact and sustainability - such as MFi, WEEE, RoHS, CE and FCC. Since you invest large sums in computers, telephones, headphones and more, it is important to charge these with certified cables - otherwise they risk being damaged.

The patent
The technology is patented in Europe and the USA and is owned by the parent company Counterflo AB.

Mindful electricity
consumption - for a
sustainable future.

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