How it all began - the tale of PowerAware

The PAC's (Power Aware Company) journey started with an idea to raise awareness around the planet's electricity consumption. Thoughts turned to how this could be done. After all, we can see a water tap dripping, so we turn it off quickly to avoid using more than we need. Could making electricity consumption visible in this way increase our awareness around electricity consumption?

The vision was to make more people aware of how much electricity we consume unnecessarily and to reduce the consumption of standby electricity, which is electricity that we don't actively use but is consumed when devices are switched on but in passive mode.

It was with these thoughts and this vision in mind that our engineer Anton Gustafsson, a beautiful spring day, came up with a way to make electricity consumption visible. He created a unique technology so that you can actually see with the naked eye the electricity you are consuming: The PAC was born - where you can see the electricity visibly "flowing" through the cable. When we see in real time what we are consuming, an awareness starts to form. And that's where real behavioural change begins.

How does it work?
Well, our technology makes your electricity consumption visible through a luminous flow of electricity. The more power your device has, the slower the electricity moves - eventually switching off. In this way, the cable shows you very clearly when your device is fully charged and ready - and that it's time to disconnect the cable to avoid standby electricity consumption.

The PAC is a Swedish, patented innovation. The technology is patented in Europe and the US and is owned by the parent company Counterflo AB. It has also been named by TIME Magazine as one of the world's 50 best innovations. Something we are of course very proud of!

We will continue to design smart products that raise global awareness and get us to take action - and turn off what we don't use. We will continue to challenge old behaviours and habits, because we know how much difference we can make together.