Tips on how to stay electricity efficient this christmas

Christmas is a busy time for many of us. There's decoratin of the home to bring the Christmas spirit up, there's baking, there's cooking, and much more to prepare. We've come up with some tips on how you can keep your energy consumption down over Christmas. Happy reading!

  1. Use LED lights for Christmas decorations

LED lights use up to 90% less electricity than regular bulbs, so make sure to use LEDs if you're going to have bright Christmas decorations at home.

  1. Connect your Christmas decorations to a power strip - and switch off when you leave the room

When you connect the lighted Christmas decorations to a single power strip, you can easily turn them all off at the same time when you leave the house or are not in the room. After all, it's when we're in the room that we want the Christmas spirit, but it can be a hassle to run around and turn off the lights in several places every time you leave the house or the room.

If you want to add a brilliant flow of light to your decorations that also indicates that electricity is now being used, check out our power strip.

  1. Avoid using the oven as much as possible

We understand that it's hard to avoid using the oven at Christmas time, there are a lot of dishes being cooked here. But the fact is that the oven uses about 70% more energy than the microwave and stove - so if you have the opportunity, and you want to be energy efficient this festive season, you have a great opportunity here.

If you do need to use the oven, a tip is to heat it up as few times as possible, and use the heat to maximum effect. Cook several things at once and turn off the oven a little before the food is ready. This works as the oven is still usable for about 20 minutes after it has been switched off.

  1. Always boil with the lid on

By doing this you use a third as much energy. A super simple but effective tip.

  1. Defrost food in the fridge instead of the microwave

Make sure you put food in the fridge long enough before cooking/eating it! That way you don't have to use the microwave to defrost it and lower your energy consumption.

  1. Don't forget to turn off the kitchen fan

Turn off the fan as soon as it is not in use. It's easy to forget and to leave it on, but the risk is that with the cooking fumes leaving the building, so does your heated indoor air.

Happy holidays and merry christmas wishes the whole PAC team!