How to Charge Correctly

Nowadays smartphones are a must-have. With the rise of on-the-go gadgets, there’s also an increase in innovations in the accessories department.

But there is a fly in the ointment in this “barrel of honey.” The gadget needs continual recharging. The majority of users, sadly, diminish the lifetime of their cellphones themselves.

We don’t even notice these tiny little details that destroy the lifetime of our gadgets. We have listed the top 10 typical errors while charging mobile devices.


Yes, the most common mistake most of us are guilty of. I mean it is very tempting to leave your devices charged while you sleep.

The smartphone battery is charged for little more than 2-3 hours, swiftly reaching 100 percent. Did you know that if you charge the phone longer you’re risking possible injury to the battery?

Everything in excess is detrimental, even complete discharging of the gadget

Do you spend hours on your phone getting shocked as the battery suddenly dies because you’ve been on it for too long? This is one of the things that may potentially damage your battery as well as your device.

The minimal level when the phone suddenly requires power is 10 percent. For example, Samsung brand smartphones need to be connected to a charger if the battery life falls down at 17 percent.

A cheap fake charger will probably shorten the already short battery life

So don’t compromise your device with random chargers you can buy without knowing the brand’s integrity.

Here at the Power Aware Community we aim to spread awareness when it comes to charging your devices. Our luminous cables available in multiple colors helps you get in tune with your charging habits in an innovative way.

Brilliantly designed to remind you when your battery is fully charged so that you don’t have to constantly check your devices.

Here are additional tips you may have not heard yet, but will definitely help you maintain your devices:

  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while your phone is charging. Smartphones now have a plethora of apps and programs to choose from, but they all drain battery life.

  • Refrain from keeping your gadgets on all the time. It's impossible to keep up with a contemporary smartphone for as long. In the end, nothing lasts forever, thus the phone will need to be restarted and put to sleep.
  • Any gadget must be clean! It is necessary to regularly wipe the device and make sure that all entrances are extremely clean.
  • Do not forget to disable the geolocation function. It needs to be disabled and enabled only when it is necessary in specific cases. This will protect the battery charge, and as a result, slower battery wear.
  • Frequent use of power bank.

Now you are aware, so try not to break these rules. Start charging with awareness and join us as we make the future brighter in the PAC.