Why it's worth investing in sustainability

One thing that discourages people from buying sustainable products is that most of these solutions are not as cheap as mass-produced products on the market. But here's why:

Let's dive into the reasons why sustainable products are worth investing in and how you can get value for your money without the cost to our environment.

You may have observed that eco-friendly goods made from sustainable resources can sometimes be more expensive than conventional options if you've been shopping.

There are times when this can be really annoying. Living sustainably is an important part of being ethical, and most people don't expect to be worse off financially as a result.

Why is it that sustainable items have to be more expensive than their non-sustainable counterparts? To encourage consumers to buy environmentally friendly products, shouldn't they be cheaper?

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For this question, you need to understand how ethical companies produce their goods

Most eco-friendly items are more expensive to buy than their mass-produced counterparts on the high street.

This is due to a number of factors. The purchase of raw materials and the manufacture and construction of the product are the main factors driving up the price.

For example, because of the way it is made, organic cotton is more expensive. Chemicals and pesticides cannot be used to grow the fibre.

As a result, cotton plants generate leaves with lower levels of insecticides, making them less effective at repelling or killing insects. As a consequence of lower yields, prices have risen.

In addition to the cost of obtaining raw materials, renewable energy is used to create the majority of sustainable goods.

Most eco-friendly items are created on a much smaller scale, and many are even handmade, while virtually all conventional products are mass-produced. Big factories are not involved!

Obviously this is better for the environment, in the long run the costs are worth it when you consider how much it really costs us in terms of resources when we continue to produce and buy products that are bad for the environment.

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The price of being an ethical person

Sustainable materials are more expensive and many eco-friendly companies also believe in paying their employees a decent wage.

In other words, if you buy from an ethical company, you can rest assured that your purchase was not created by exploiting people in underdeveloped countries.

All of this adds up to a higher price for environmentally friendly goods compared to other large companies that don't follow these policies.

Recycled materials are often used in packaging by environmentally conscious companies.

A biodegradable or recycled cardboard, as well as recyclable plastics and wrappers, are used to package the eco-friendly goods you buy.

Paper and/or natural fibres are often used to package organic products, as are other recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Buying eco-friendly items from truly sustainable companies means you can be sure that you are not contributing to climate change, pollution or worker exploitation when you buy them.

A message to the creators is also sent by your actions.

Eventually, companies will take notice as they see more and more eco-friendly products on the market. If the market wants it, they will manufacture it. Increased demand for environmentally friendly products will lead to reduced manufacturing costs as more companies start producing them.

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