Tips on How to Extend Battery Life

Working from home with the new normal has changed the way we interact. Now we rely heavily on our devices to keep in touch. No surprise that the batteries in our devices are deteriorating so quickly with how knee deep we are in apps, social media and online every day.

We have tips for you to get more life from your battery. These suggestions can also help you delay the period when your battery is no longer taking a charge.

Dim the lights: reduce screen brightness

If you want to extend your battery life, turn off the screen brightness by at least 50%. A few taps to options or settings will do the trick.

On an Android phone, swipe down twice from the top of the screen. A sun sign appears at the bottom, usually to the left of a thin bar. To manually change the brightness on your phone or tablet, just slide the dot on the bar with your finger.

Open the control center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of the screen on an iPhone or iPad, or up from the bottom edge of the screen on an iPhone 8 or earlier, to reveal a thick brightness bar with a sun icon. Drag the line between light and dark down or to the left, depending on your phone's position, to decrease the brightness.

However, many devices include a sensor that detects ambient light and changes the screen accordingly, for example to brighten the screen in a dark setting.

Android phones already have customizable brightness and they are designed to learn your preferences as you use them. If you've been annoyed by sudden brightness changes, you can remove your preferences and have your phone relearn them.

Clear the cache by storing in settings. The brightness can then be adjusted manually. If the brightness changes and it's no longer what you want, adjust the screen. It takes about a week for your phone to relearn your lighting settings.

Reduce the duration of sleep

Laptops, phones and tablets turn off their screens when they detect inactivity. They don't waste power by illuminating its display while you're not looking at it in this way.

Use the energy-saving mode

While you may not want to use low-power mode all the time, it's available in some form on many current computers, smartphones and tablets. It often turns the screen to black and white, darkens the screen and turns off non-essential wifi services.

Now it's here

You may already know that one of the biggest factors attributed to the decline of your battery health is overcharging. Yes, leaving your devices to charge overnight may already be a habit but it's certainly not one you can't break.

Not only is it bad for your battery, but your devices can also overheat and put you and your family at risk.

The Power Aware cord represents personal energy use through flashing pulses, colour and light intensity, so you can see the current going through your gadgets. A creative idea physically demonstrates the problem of energy use and encourages consumers to consider the energy efficiency of electrical gadgets in their homes.

So how exactly does it work? Electroluminescent wires inserted into the cable generate a variety of flashing and pulsating colour patterns to show the amount of energy being consumed at any given moment.

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