Tech Behind Fast Charging

Ever wondered what’s the technology that powers the fast charging wires?

Yes, you heard that right! We’re talking about the much-sought-after tech gadget of today: fast chargers.

It’s a very convenient innovation actually, now that almost everything runs on a smartphone, power banks, and chargers and the biggest hit in the tech market. Fast charging ones save you more time waiting and more screen time using your gadgets.

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Because we use our mobile phones so often today, it's critical that they have a great battery capacity and, more importantly, charge quickly.

A few minutes of charging can offer enough battery power for hours with the smartphone, thanks to fast charging technology and other proprietary fast charging technology from many OEMs.

Fast charging is undoubtedly one of the features to look for when buying a new smartphone in this day and age

While your smartphone may be equipped with fast charging technology by default, the accessories you use to charge it also have a role in how fast (or slow) they charge. Cables differ in terms of charging speed, durability, length, pricing and other features.

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Let's dive into the differences between regular cords vs. fast charging cords

Although they're not visually distinguishable, there are several varieties of USB cables. Yes, USB cables do have an effect on how quickly your device's battery charges to 100%.

To get the fastest charging speed out of a smartphone with fast charging technology, you need to use a fast charging technology and a fast charging cable.

But what makes a standard cable different from a fast charging cable?

At a glance, the amount of electricity is transferred to your device's battery. Fast charging cables can deliver more power to replenish your battery's capacity faster than conventional cables because they can transfer more power.

Ordinary USB cables deliver about 2.5 watts of electricity to your smartphone's battery, but fast charging cables can deliver up to 120 watts of power (depending on the brand and type of your smartphone).

You won't get fast charging speed if you use a conventional USB cable to charge and a fast charging power brick/adapter to charge a smartphone. 

This is because the amount of electricity a conventional cable can transfer to a device is limited.

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