Things you need to know about charging

With so many chargers on the market, you can get lost picking and choosing. Especially now that almost everything is online, the demand for mobile gadgets and accessories is through the roof.
Innovations from left to right offer different features for the best and most efficient charging experience. Here at the Power Aware Community, we design innovations that help you see into your charging habits.

Did you know you can make a big difference with just a small tweak to your daily routine?

Just like you turn off the water tap when you're done - we believe the same behavior should go with power usage. So we've designed chargers that brilliantly light up to tell you exactly how power is flowing to your devices. When you're done charging, our cables light up to tell you when to unplug.

Now the next question is what's the best way to choose a game charger?

Compatibility with mobile devices: - It's important to know if a charging cable is only compatible with your phone before you buy it. Can it charge your phone?

Each device has unique charging requirements. This basically means that if you have an iPhone, you need to buy an iPhone charger rather than an Android phone charger.

USB type: you should also verify the USB type as several cables are available, such as USB to micro USB, Type c and so on.

One size fits all
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The next tip is to check the voltage or current before buying a charging cable or charger

Is it compatible with your device? If you choose a low power option, the charging time will be longer and a high power voltage can damage your device.

Another common question people ask is: Is fast charging harmful to battery performance?
Some people say yes, while others claim it doesn't matter. But every battery has its own life cycle and fast charging extends the life of the battery.

Some additional things to consider if you want to get the most out of your built-in batteries:
By turning your phone's switch to airplane mode, which disables most wireless features, you can get your phone's battery to 100% faster.

The next tip is one of the easiest things to do but we often tend to forget this because we live such fast-paced lives. Remember to take off your phone case when charging. This can lead to an excessive amount of heat.

Another thing you can do is to take care of the free power brick that comes with your phone from the store because you often still can't find the exact replacements that are specifically designed for your phone.

Take advantage of wireless charging if your phone supports it. It's as simple as placing your phone on a flat disc or cushion to charge it. This charging method takes longer than plugging in, but Apple's new MagSafe magnetic chargers are quite fast.

For long periods, it's best to turn off a device while the battery is at least half-charged. Long-distance travel or a snowbird's habit of leaving their phone at home for months at a time can cause this.

As soon as the battery's charge level drops to zero, Apple warns that the device can't hold a charge after it's restarted. It's possible that the battery's ability to charge up to 100 percent will be lost over time, resulting in a shorter battery life. Remember to store your phone in a cool, dry place.