Uneasy Times Calls for Awareness: PAC Sparks a Glimmer of Hope for a Better Future

Global unrest reveals energy policy mistakes in Europe and all across the globe. Oil price hikes have driven consumer products to an all-time high. What does this mean for us common people and what can we do to help change the world for the better.

With what’s happening with the world today, now more than ever we need to make better choices when it comes to our limited resources.

The pandemic crisis and political unrest from all over parts of the world have thrown us all off blow-after-blow. We experience its effect like a domino in motion: inflation rates rising along with prices of common goods.

The trickle effect means bigger bills to pay and fewer things you can put in the grocery cart for the same weekly budget.

First off, what are things that you can do to make a difference?

In this seemingly gargantuan dilemma, it’s easy to give up and say that individual effort will not amount to anything, right?

This is where you are wrong. The tiny changes you do along with many others doing the same kind of change for the better collectively can make a huge difference.

This is our goal in the Power Aware Community!

We aim to spread awareness and light the spark that would change the world for the better. Our cables light up when charging and when you’re battery is full the light goes off. A simple innovation that lets you tune into your habits and remind you to stop charging.

We take pride in our innovation that results in long-term transformation

The PAC, our innovation, is not confined to wire and cable applications. We're working hard to get our technology into more products that need to be charged or run on energy, such as home appliances.

We'll keep developing smart gadgets that raise global awareness and empower us to act. We'll keep challenging old habits and behaviors because we know how much of a difference we can make when we work together.

Why should we care?

With what’s happening today, we realize how important it is to shift from our old ways to green energy.

In the greater scheme of things, we need to unite and gear towards a more self-sufficient energy system— while at the same time, taking the opportunity to decarbonize. In a nutshell, we need to rewire how we approach energy consumption.

Time to embrace energy efficiency

The majority of energy wasted is in the form of lost heat. Electrification is a much more efficient way to use energy. We need to invest heavily in improving the quality of our building stock, as well as other regulations and measures to reduce energy consumption.

The advantage of renewables is that the resources (be that wind, solar, wave or geothermal) are all local. They are also clean, but we need to put in the incentive structures to ensure the cost-effective and speedy build-out of this infrastructure.

However many of these technologies, although low-cost, are not able to produce energy 24/7, which is why we need storage. The good news is that we have lots of fossil fuels storage that can be used if needed, but there need to be investments in other storage technologies such as batteries and fossil-fuel alternatives such as e-fuels that can be stored using existing storage capabilities.