New Habits as you Upgrade to New Normal: Charge with PAC

Technology is now controlled by computers and phones. Every day we waste huge amounts of electricity that could be used elsewhere. Is this really the best way to use our limited resources? You're in luck, because we may have the solution!

The new normal has completely changed the way we go about our normal daily lives. Almost everything is virtual and for a good cause. With endless zoom meetings and countless hours scrolling through social media, we empty our gadgets and charge in an endless cycle.

Right up this alley, Power Aware is a game changer!

Power flows quickly through the cable when the battery of your smartphone, tablet, headphones or other devices when charging. The slower the electricity goes, the more power your gadget has until the light flow stops. This indicates that charging is complete and it's time to remove the cable.

So why is it important to disconnect the cable?

Because it has a plethora of beneficial results. For starters, it's not healthy for your device's battery to charge without purpose. Second, even when devices are turned off, they continue to use energy.

Let's take a look at the bigger picture, shall we

Saving energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. In 2016, homes contributed to 19% of national greenhouse gas emissions, and implementing energy efficiency measures in your home can help you significantly reduce your emissions.

The typical household can reduce its energy consumption (and therefore its greenhouse gas emissions) by 25 to 30% by investing in more efficient energy use.

Photo by Pexels

Not only can conscious charging help the environment, but it also saves a lot of money!

Simple energy-saving techniques or small energy-efficient items can easily reduce your energy costs. Programmable thermostats, smart power strips and energy-efficient lighting can all help you save money on your energy bills with very little effort on your part.

Switch your old cables to PAC now and make a difference!

Energy efficiency measures, no matter how small, have the potential to save utilities money throughout their useful life. How much or how little you spend on energy efficiency is entirely up to you.