Myths and truths on what damages your battery

The phone is a vital part of our lives. We use it for everything, pretty much. Do you know how to care for it and it’s battery? We hear many things about what is good and bad when it comes to charging your phone. Here are some myths and truths about what damages the battery or not:

Myth: You should only charge your phone when the battery is completely empty.

Truth: In fact, this can damage your battery! The rechargable batteries we use in smartphones, tablets and similar electronical devices aren’t really made to be completely discharged. So if you're going to be away from an outlet for a while, there is no worries in charging up a little bit before you leave.

Myth: You shouldn’t use your phone while charging.

Truth: You can use your phone while charging it, it will not necessarily do any damage. Even though most manufacturers design phones to be able to withstand usage and charging at the same time, it can charge slower because of the battery you are using.

Although you can use your phone while charging it, there are a few factors than can have affects on the long term health of the battery. For example the battery can be overheated when being charged and if you are streaming videos or doing other more demanding activities on it at the same time. This won’t immediately damange the battery but can have long term effects if it happens a lot.

Myth: Charging your phone overnight will damage your battery and shorten its lifespan.

Truth: False! While it's true that leaving your phone plugged in for extended periods of time can reduce the overall charge capacity, charging overnight shouldn’t be an issue. Most smart phones are smart enough to stop charging once the battery is full. The only reason keeping it plugged in at an extended time, is that the battery is at certain strain when on 100% all the time.

Myth: Charging your phone with an unofficial charger can damage your battery

Truth: This is true. Phone chargers are created differently, and if you use an unofficial charger it might have a damaging effect on your phone’s battery life. Some off-brand charges might for example not have the rigorous safety settings needed to stop the amount of current delivered when the battery is full. Always make sure that your charger if MFi-certified if you have an iPhone, and if you have another brand make sure that the charger has all the right certificates for proper use. Read more about them here.