More countries go for the greener road

Countries are now switching to more green options when it comes to infrastructures down to technologies and we love to see it!

The present dire conditions of climate change and the problem of waste has pushed a global scale of changes. The Power Aware Community is with this movement acknowledging that each individual has a role to play in this change.

A collaborative project between the Swedish Interactive Institute's POWER and RE:FORM studios, Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllenswärd created the Power Aware Cord to increase our awareness of how much energy we consume and to encourage us to modify our energy habits.

They hope that by using light to convey the existence of energy, individuals will be motivated to learn more about how much energy their household's various electronic equipment use.

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Green design that focuses on user experience and the visual depiction of how energy is spent

Here are other inspiring innovations that are tackling present-day issues with brilliant designs:

Heat and cold, two of the most crucial components for long-term development, are difficult to get in off-grid communities. Both are required for hygiene and medical treatment, and so for survival.

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Staying warm means, being able to stay clean and healthy has far-reaching implications for your long-term success.

Children will be able to focus on academics rather than laboring to support a sick family if their parents have better access to healthcare, for example. The 'cascade effects' of healthcare delivery are many and far-reaching.

Hygiene conditions worsen as a result of a lack of alternatives, creating excellent breeding grounds for a range of maladies.

A low-cost solar-energy-harvesting method for heating water with the concept of a heating coil inside a prism. This smart solution is lightweight, 'flat-packable,' and efficient.

The SolarisKit has attracted the attention of the Royal Bank of Scotland's climate entrepreneur accelerator program and has just completed a very successful field test in Africa.

The gadget saves up to 70% on energy expenses and maintains a steady temperature of 67 degrees. This has far-reaching repercussions, particularly in the event of a pandemic, when hygiene compliance may be more critical than ever.

It’s innovations like this that come a long way. A True proof that thinking outside of the box pays off. So you don’t need to be afraid of making bold choices.

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If there’s something for heating, there’s also something brilliantly designed to store in the cold

The Dulas cold chain equipment firm in southern England discreetly manufactures some of the world's most beautiful solar-powered blood and vaccine coolers.

These medical freezers have supported recovery in the aftermath of a number of global disasters, including the 2011 Philippines typhoon, the dreadful 2016 West African Ebola outbreak, and, most recently, the Covid pandemic.

The company's life-saving off-grid medical equipment is in more demand than ever, and despite the global background, Dulas' manufacturing factory in the United Kingdom is working hard to keep order fulfillment on track.

Hand-in-hand, we should welcome these new innovations and live for the future. Together with PAC, let’s make better choices for a better future!