How to Choose the Best Gaming Cable

If you like to game whether it’s casual or a little more intense than your average joe, you’ve certainly searched up for good, high-quality cords for your gadgets. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing a gaming charger can be a difficult task so we’re here to make things a little bit easier for you.

First off: compatibility with smartphones and tablets:

Be sure to check the compatibility of any charging cable before purchasing one. How well does it charge your smartphone? In order to use an iPhone charger, you need to buy an iPhone charger, not an Android charger.

There are a variety of USB cables to choose from, including USB to micro USB, Type C, and more.

The voltage or power of a charging cable or charger should be checked before purchasing. Is it compatible with your gadget or not? If you choose a low power, it will take longer to charge the device, or if you choose a high power voltage, it can damage your device.

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Charging tips

When your phone is in Airplane mode, most wireless features are disabled, allowing you to get to 100% faster. You can turn on airplane mode by going to the Settings menu and selecting "Connections" and then "Airplane mode."

It is best not to charge your phone or tablet while it is in its case. That could cause a buildup of heat. Remove the case before plugging in your phone if it gets warm to the touch while charging.

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Myth or fact: fast charging is bad for your gadgets?

Fast charging extends the battery's life cycle, which some people believe is important while others believe it isn't. So yes, we won't notice the difference right away, but it will become apparent in the long run.

The most important factor a lot of people fail to consider when choosing a cable is the power and current flow. Different gadgets have different energy needs.

The best way to make sure you’re not damaging your gadgets is by getting in tune with your charging habits and plugging it off when the battery is full.

It’s a simple solution really. The Power-Aware has come up with a brilliant solution to help you make the most of your day while at the same time letting you know when you are done charging.

Say goodbye to constantly check the battery status of your phone every 5 minutes! Our luminous cables tell you exactly when you need to take the plug off with visible current flow.

How to get a quick charge and keep it going

For optimal performance, use your original cellphone cable and wall-plug power cube. It may not be the best solution even if another plug is available.

In order to conserve battery life, it's best to shut down a device when it's about half-full. A long-term international trip or a long-term snowbirding season may necessitate leaving your phone at home.

For batteries with less than 10 percent life left, Apple says they may enter a "deep discharge" state and become unable to charge again even after being rebooted.

That is to say, the opposite is as equally dangerous to your devices.

Storage at 100% for a long period of time can cause the battery to lose its ability to recharge, resulting in reduced battery life. Remember to store your phone somewhere cool and dry.

Did you learn something new today? Don’t forget to check out our available devices for yourself. After all, change starts with small habits. Together with the Power Aware Community, we can change the world for the better.