Guide to Joy Rides and Happy Charging

Road trips are one of the best bonding experiences you can have whether alone or with friends and family. Of course, the fun is never complete without good music but the words "low battery" or "1 percent" can instantly ruin the mood.

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about that because there are lots of car accessories available in the market so that you can make use of each chance to recharge your smartphone.

Stocking up on more power in the automobile makes perfect sense. Is there anything you need to keep an eye out for in order to maintain your battery in excellent working order?

In this article let’s talk about everything you need to know about car charging

You may charge your smartphone in a variety of methods. The defining factor is the type of vehicle you own. New cars already have USB ports specifically dedicated for mobile charging.

You can also use the cigarette lighter to charge your smartphone: Using a vehicle charger with a USB port that plugs into the cigarette lighter is a cinch

Many testing has shown that the current coming from these connectors is insufficient to fast charge your smartphone. – 'Heavy' applications use a lot of battery life.

Using your phone as a GPS navigator may cause this software to drain your phone's battery, and the USB port can't keep up.

Are there any rules to follow when charging in the car?

There is a slew of generic suggestions for extending the life of (smartphone) batteries that are being widely shared. Among other things, overcharging and undercharging are not suggested, and you must keep a check on the temperature.

A number of important things should be kept in mind while charging a smartphone while driving.

Is the phone charger hooked into the cigarette lighter? While stuck in traffic, don't forget to disconnect your device as soon as possible.

Smaller vehicles and/or those with older batteries may have difficulty starting after just 30 minutes, particularly during the winter.

Because every battery is somewhat different, it's important to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions before using the product.

Check the quality and condition of the charging wires you use to connect to the USB port, for example. Using a charging cable from the same manufacturer as your smartphone is always a secure choice, rather than a generic one.

In this method, you can be sure that your phone will not be overburdened by the current it can handle.

In this aspect Power Aware Cables come in handy. Our luminous cables are perfect for late-night joy rides! Brilliantly designed for people on the go but still want to be aware of their charging habits.

Works great both ways for your car and device battery. The light automatically goes off so that you can avoid both draining your car and overcharging your gadgets. Join the PAC and tune into your charging habits at home and on the road!