6 ways to reduce your electricity consumption

There are many ways to reduce your electricity consumption! One way is to unplug any electronic devices you are not using. Using our visible power charging cables is an easy way to facilitate this as you can see immediately if your device is on or off. Buy your cable here to change your electricity consumption habits today.

There are also other ways to cut down on electricity consumption. Here's a small list for those who want to live even more sustainably:

  1. Replace all light bulbs with LED bulbs
    They use 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and often last up to 10 times longer - win win!
  2. Have a look at the indoor temperature
    Lower the temperature if you don't actually need to be as hot as you are. Sometimes we can cope and thrive in a lower temperature than we think - so review whether this option suits you. This also applies in the fridge, is the temperature below +5? Then you can lower it a little. The freezer doesn't need to be colder than -18 degrees. The recommended temperature in the living room is 20 degrees and in the bedroom 16-18 degrees.
  3. Make sure windows and doors are properly sealed
    Cold can easily seep in here and we need to compensate for it with higher electricity consumption. A simple measure that will last for many years.
  4. Optimize your laundry
    Wait until the laundry basket is full and get as much as possible into the dishwasher - simply to maximize the amount of clothes washed per energy consumed. Wash at lower temperatures and then air dry. This way you won't have to use a dryer or a drying cabinet, both of which consume a lot of electricity.
  5. Install solar cells
    If you can - install solar cells and produce your own solar power!


Good luck out there and stay sustainable!