Stop wasting power

Have you considered that you are away from work for more than 7 000 hours every year? All this time a large amount of energy is wasted because many devices are on standby, consuming power for no reason. I help you stop wasting electricity by reminding you to turn off completely.

Less pollution

The greenest power is the one we don’t use. When everyone starts using me, we can save a lot of carbon dioxide. Actually enough to close several coal plants. If we all take responsibility for our energy waste, we can together contribute to less pollution and a better planet.

I pay for myself

Whether you use me at home or in the office I usually pay for myself in less than a year. That’s because the energy consumption from standby devices represent about 20 percent of the electricity bill in an office. As you see, the costs can be reduced considerably when we stop wasting energy.


Thanks to my unique and award winning design I create awareness about energy consumption. If you leave me visible you are simply reminded to shut off the devices you thought were turned off. I also make you shut off in places where you don’t see the power flowing.


TIME Magazine has named The Pac one of the world’s best innovations, since I make it so easy to stop wasting electricity. A PhD thesis at University of Gothenburg also shows that I really work. Everyone shuts off when they see the power flowing, just like you turn off a water tap when you notice it dripping.

Swedish innovation

I am a Swedish patented innovation that can help your company fulfil the Environmental Management System ISO 14000.

See where started out!
To order The Pac
The Pac White The Pac Transparent
The Pac White
The Pac Transparent
1 - 10 000
Contact us for a quote
Contact us for a quote
The Pac Helix 3 150 White
Cable length : 150 cm
Number of Outlets : 3 grounded
Colour: White and transparent
Rated power : 2300 W
Nominal Current: 10 A
Power consumption: 0 W off, a maximum of 1.7 W during operation
Weight: 520 grams
Intended for indoor use only in dry spaces
Packaging size L x W x H : 30 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm
Erik Tutzauer - CEO
Erik Tutzauer - CEO
Erik loves to work with people who are better than him. Now, he has assembled a fantastic team that will help everyone to see how we can minimize waste of electrical power in the simplest way. Erik holds a M.Sc. degree and is the founder of several ventures. He has previously been a member of the management team of an insurance company, a telecom operator and a media company. Erik has also been a senior management consultant leading several successful projects.
Karin Wickberg - Marketing Advisor to the Board
Karin Wickberg - Marketing Advisor to the Board
Karin is an international leader with extensive experience in brand development and marketing strategy and execution. With a strong mix of tactical and strategic, creative and commercial capabilities she holds a track record of creating results for top international brands and luxury goods mainly within the airline, professional and retail industries and most recently the energy business. Karin also runs her own consultancy where she acts as a catalyst within brand development.
Karolina Lisslö - Environmental Advisor to the Board
Karolina Lisslö - Environmental Advisor to the Board
Karolina is one of Sweden’s most powerful persons within the environment according to the magazine Miljöaktuellt. She is an educated biologist who is active in the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and WWF. Karolina has also started the company Bee Urban that works to strengthen biodiversity and create awareness of ecosystem services.
Göran Linerudt - CFO
Göran Linerudt - CFO
Göran has been working with financial reporting and sales of services throughout his whole life. He has backgrounds from sales of copiers, as district manager at Europcar and at Shurgard. In recent years Göran has worked with complex sales of both hardware and software to help companies with document management in order to reduce their paper processes.
Tobias Edvardsson - Legal
Tobias Edvardsson - Legal
What drives Tobias is his mission to improve the world. He has written several books on patent law and holds the title Master of Laws CPE/GDL. He is also a serial entrepreneur with several successful startups behind him.
Download the thesis that lead to the The Pac